Schools Training, a Canadian-born Idea to Improve Awareness of the Law

4 SEP 2014
Career Path : Education News

The National Post has reported the kick-off of a website designed to help Canadians improve their awareness of the law. Lawyer referral website has had a team working for eight months to set up a website and create high-quality videos which will educate the general public on Canadian law.

At, dozens of lawyers are featured in videos where they give information and guidance on a variety of legal issues. Given the huge public demand for legal information in Canada, paired with the proven popularity of video tutorials, this website seems to come at the right time.

The website began with 250 videos, and will only continue to grow with increasing public awareness and user suggestions. For law students and those interested in legal studies, LegalTube is an excellent way to ensure accurate information and study material provided by guaranteed certified lawyers.

Are videos still a convenient method of learning? How could free law education be helpful to you?