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Justin Trudeau Pledges to Equalize Funding for First Nations Education

18 AUG 2015
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Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is currently campaigning through northeastern Ontario, where he is attempting to renew Canada’s relationship with First Nations, as well as support green technology initiatives.

Today, Trudeau interviewed with CBC Sudbury’s Morning North radio program. The Liberal Leader vowed that his political party would set goals to equalize funding between public school boards and school boards run by Canada’s Indigenous people.

Just last week in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Trudeau sang a similar tune, stating that a Liberal government would invest $2.6 billion in First Nations education over four years, as well as $500 million over a three year period in infrastructure for First Nations schools.

“First Nations students are falling behind in reading, writing and numeracy, and less than half of all First Nations students on reserves graduate from high school. Canadians know that that’s just not right.” Trudeau said to his supporters in Saskatchewan, shedding some light on the issue.

Support For Green Technology

While campaigning through Ontario today, Justin Trudeau also stopped at the Laurentian University in Sudbury to show his support for green technology. He said that a Liberal Government would invest $200 million each year to develop clean technologies in fisheries, forestry, farming and more.

Additionally, the Liberal Leader stated that doing this would provide plenty of job opportunities as well as reduce pollution.


Source: CBC News