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It’s the New Age of Game-based Learning

11 SEP 2014
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Video game education is a concept which has only been explored within the past 20 years. If you look at these 10 Educational Games From the 90’s and feel skeptical, be assured that their quality has improved greatly since then.

Jordan Shapiro, a game-based learning researcher and reporter from, stands by the fact that video games can be and are an integral asset to a child’s learning process. Considering that video games currently take up an average 10% of a child’s day, he hopes to find methods to attach this enjoyment of video games to education.

The game-based learning company Amplify designs educational games such as SimCell, a role playing game where the player must rebuild a cell by controlling a nanobot. Amplify has the strategy of making kids engaged with the game as a game, rather than presenting it as an educational tool—which can turn some students away. The most important aspect of using video games as an educational tool is that they must be fun. If they are not fun, there is no educational value which children will take away from it.

Though Amplify has not yet received enough data to show the learning reception towards their game, this is only one company among many who are revolutionizing the way we play games to learn. For parents who may feel reluctant about pushing video games onto their children, studies have shown that video games only start to affect children socially when they play for more than three hours a day. Like most things in life, everything in modesty. Shapiro does believe that game-based learning can be a way to target students who struggle to pay attention and those who may need a bit of extra schooling at home.

Source: Forbes