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Introducing the Modern Campus Bookstore

21 APR 2015
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Last week, the University of British Columbia announced the opening of their all-new renovated bookstore. But UBC isn’t the only higher education institution in Canada that is re-vamping the stores on their campus. McGill, York and plenty of other Canadian universities are expanding the goods and services they offer, and their online purchasing options for the convenience of their students. At UBC, students can now shop for textbooks, grab a Starbucks coffee, and plop down for a study session, all in the same space. At UofT, students even have access to a Canada Post right inside their bookstore.

As a growing trend, today’s campus bookstores also double as a computer parts and accessories store, a clothing retailer, and a used book exchange. In fact, some question the expansion of university bookstores when more and more students are actually buying their books from second-hand retailers like Amazon. Downtown campuses also face stiff competition from everyday bookstores like Indigo, which often offer the same books, only in a cheaper format.

What it seems like is that the expanding modern campus bookstore is not necessarily to accommodate more bookshelves, but rather to offer other services which can keep bookstores afloat in today’s digital age. UBC even proposed dropping the name “bookstore” from their name, a decision which was eventually reversed.

Do you think campus bookstores with high mark-ups are becoming obsolete? What advantages do students have when purchasing books online?

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