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Inspirational Teacher Who Lost Both Arms Straps Chalk to Limb for Lessons

1 OCT 2015
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Most of today’s ‘inspirational’ people include successful financial big wigs, tech-savvy professionals who have contributed to the internet boom and influential talk show hosts. However, 41-year-old Jiang Shengfa has done none of the above and is truly among the most inspirational people in the world.

Shengfa lost both of his arms to a high-voltage accident in the winter of 1996, when he was trying to repair an electrical cable. After having spent his savings on his medical treatments, Shengfa’s wife left he and his son, forcing him to turn to begging in order to survive.

When Shengfa’s brother retired from a local school, he recommended Shengfa fill the position, and so he did.

Today, over a decade later, Shengfa is one of the most respected educators at his school: Anle Primary School in Chang’an Village, Yunan Province. In order to teach students, he uses his mouth to speak to them as well as turn book pages, and straps chalk onto his severed limb to write on the blackboard.

Both his selflessness and determination are most inspiring, as he not only turned a temporary position into a decade-long devotion, but he also walks five miles to the school each day.

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Source: Daily Mail