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Looking to Improve the Worth of Your MBA? Learn a language!

8 SEP 2014
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Improve the worth of your mba by learning new language

Maybe you have a dusty Rosetta Stone box sitting at the very bottom of your bookshelf, which over the years has still failed to teach you Mandarin—or perhaps you just stopped trying. If you’re pursuing an MBA, perhaps this is the time to pick it back up again.

The Guardian reports that more and more MBA graduates are being expected to speak two or more languages. With the increase in multi-national companies, businesses are more likely to hire employees for high-flying jobs when they have the ability to communicate to an array of clients. Several business schools in Europe have already followed this trend and include the study of a language as a part of their MBA program. Some MBA schools require the ability to speak another language as a prerequisite to enter their program, with the expectation that students will pick up a third language before graduation.

There are a select group of Canadian business schools which teach bilingualism, or even trilingualism as a part of their program. Schulich School of Business in Toronto is in joint cooperation with Laval University in Quebec City, with the goal to graduate business students with the competency to speak both English and French. HEC Montreal also teaches its MBA program in English and French, with the option to learn Spanish. Some core languages in which major business is done today include: English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Mandarin, Arabic and Russian.

Aside from Rosetta Stone, there are several free online resources for language training. Our favourite, and the most comprehensive is Duolingo!