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Hoverboards Banned on Radford and Virginia Tech Campuses

15 JAN 2016
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Virginia Tech and Radford students who received hoverboards for Christmas won’t be zooming between classes on them anytime soon. The motorized, self-balancing boards have been dubbed a safety concern and banned this week by both universities.

Administration at Virginia Tech has prohibited the devices and their chargers in all university buildings, including residence halls.

“Any student who owns a hoverboard is asked to please leave it at home when returning to Virginia Tech for the spring semester,” read a campus notice distributed to students on Wednesday.

Radford University followed suit with its own hoverboard ban, announced today. Radford officials told students by email that the devices won’t be tolerated on RU campus.

“Hoverboards found on or in university buildings and grounds, including residence halls, must be immediately removed from campus,” read the email, “or they may be confiscated.”

Both universities say they based this decision on research done by the National Consumer Product Safety Commission. In December, the Commission reported that hoverboards create elevated risks for fires and injuries.

At test facilities in Maryland, the Commission discovered that some boards catch fire while charging and while in use.

That adds to the risk involved in controlling this exciting, futuristic technology—hoverboards move when users subtly shift their weight. The resulting #hoverboardfails are making for more than just popular Youtube videos, but dozens of reported hospitalizations nationwide.

Source: Roanoke Times