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Hockey Over Higher Ed?

19 NOV 2014
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Little boy playing ice hockey

The annual report Beyond the Blue Line has surveyed Canadians to determine the extent to which money is spent on hockey as opposed to other needs in a child’s life. Here are some quick stats gathered from the survey:

  • 69% of Canadian’s surveyed believe kids should learn hockey growing up, as it is an integral part of being Canadian.
  • 1 in 4 parents believe they or someone they known regret the amount of money spent on hockey.
  • 46% of parents surveyed say they or someone they know is spending more to keep their child in hockey than saving up for post-secondary education.
  • Nearly half of those surveyed have difficulty balancing the cost of expensive activities like music lessons and sports with saving for higher education.
  • Almost half know someone who must pull their child out of hockey to avoid going into debt.
  • Average university tuition: nearly $6,000
  • Average hockey costs/year: $10,000

Meanwhile, levels of household debt in Canada continue to soar upward from previous years. This may mean parents bringing their children out of expensive organized sports early, or opting for cheaper activities like soccer.

What do you think should be done about the cost of playing hockey? Does it disadvantage students when it comes to paying tuition?

Source: The Star