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Hit the Gym and Raise Your GPA!

24 NOV 2014
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Students deal with a lot of pent up stress, anger and sometimes even loneliness— first year students especially. Almost every campus has a gym, which offers students the ability to stay healthy and active without going too far out of their way. Attending the gym 5 days a week for only 30 minutes reduces your chance of heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers like colon cancer and breast cancer. The gym also has mental health benefits: it puts you in contact with people every day, meaning better social health. It can also help you sleep better, and make you feel energized, meaning a better overall mood. Wow, this is making us really want to hit the gym!

But there’s more—did you know that gym attendance has actually been proven to raise a student’s GPA? For universities that track student gym attendance, like UCLA or Ohio State University, the different between students who didn’t visit the gym and did was 3.07 and 3.2.

And the correlation runs stronger in first year students: those who visited the gym 30+ times during the school year had a GPA of 3.08, compared to those who never visited the gym who had a GPA of 2.81.

Do you have a gym membership? If so, how often do you attend the gym per week?

Source: Education News