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“Hip-Hop Genius”, The Power of Creative Learning

5 SEP 2014
Career Path : Education News

When Sam Seidel decided to take a job teaching at a juvenile prison in his early 20s, he likely didn’t go in with the idea of redeveloping high school education. As a teacher at the prison, Seidel found that one thing he had in common with his students was a love for rap and hip-hop music.

A mutual love of hip-hop created a bond between students and their teacher, and lessons began to use rap music to develop language skills and creative potential. It is not only hip-hop music, but the whole ideology behind hip-hop culture which was embraced in the classroom. Seidel discovered that hip-hop is not only music and graffiti, but also the ability to be ingenious and confident with limited resources. This is where he coined the term “hip-hop genius”.

“I’m talking about a high school dropout from the projects of Marcy using his entrepreneurial hustle and rap skills to go from selling drugs to selling CDs out of the trunk of his car to selling products at Macys.”

One of the most important points Seidel mentions is that hip-hop genius is not a method to guide students through the traditional high school setting. It’s about changing education to suit the strengths of a student, and broaden their potential.

Source: Upworthy