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Heading to University? 4 Must-Have Technologies for Today’s Students

10 JUL 2015
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If you’re heading to university this autumn, it’s important to be prepared for the type of technology you’ll be expected to know. Most classrooms today use Moodle to share class notes, assignments and more, which means that it’s almost imperative for students to have their own laptop. Aside from a laptop, there are a few other tech devices that can make your time at university just  a bit easier—and they won’t even cost you that much!

Here’s a look at 4 must-have technologies for university in 2015.


While having a Chromebook laptop in particular isn’t necessary, it can be helpful. The Chromebook’s main selling point is its price. While most laptops run upward of 300 dollars, the Chromebook can be bought for a measly 200 dollars. It’s small, made for using apps, and the perfect compact laptop for a student.

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Ebooks are one of the greatest revolutions for university students, especially those studying book-heavy subjects like literature or history. eBooks are often half the price of paper books, and you save yourself the struggle of carrying around three novels and a textbook to your Spanish Literature class!

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Noise-cancelling Headphones

Libraries are supposed to be quiet, but we know this isn’t always true. If you’re someone who gets distracted by even the lightest finger drumming or computer clicking, perhaps investing in some noise-cancelling headphones is a good idea. While some brands can get pricey, it’s easy to pick up a cheap pair for around 20 dollars from any department store like Wal-Mart.

Dropbox/Google Drive

Cloud file sharing is all the rage, and this trend will only continue its popularity in universities. Dropbox and Google Drive allows you to upload files on an account, and have other people in your assignment group or tutorial view that work, and even edit it. Google Drive in particular is great for collaboration, and you can worry less about your files getting lost.

What are some other must-have technologies for university students?