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Harry Potter Houses Divide Competing Syracuse U. Business Students

15 SEP 2014
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harry potter houses divide syracuse business students
Following complaints from recruiters saying their students weren’t as polished as they’d like, the Whitman Schools of Business at Syracuse University is trying the Potter approach. After a brainstorming session with students and staff on how to make students achieve higher, the decision was to make learning a competition. How else other than a method which everyone in that age group is familiar with: Hogwarts houses.

The program, launching this week, will divide business students into four houses (Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin), with faculty advisors serving as the Head of House. Points will be awarded to each house for students who perform extraordinarily or if they attend optional lectures. Receiving a Microsoft Office certificate (MSFT) will also earn their house points. A website will be created to offer tips on how students can earn more points, and a leaderboard will rank students in each house.

How do you feel about the Harry Potter approach? Does competition fuel good academics?

Source: Business Weekly

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