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What Happened to the Librarian?

23 SEP 2014
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What happened to the librarian

Librarians are an excellent resource for schools, but studies are finding that students and teachers are using their help less and less. Some may say this is due to the increasing capability of the internet to help us find what we need, but this is not necessarily true. As students turn to Wikipedia as a quick information bank, they are simultaneously rejecting more comprehensive and detailed resources for their assignments.

Librarians are pros at information management—their job is to find resources for students. “Information literacy” is a term used to describe the ability for a person to seek out and find reliable information whether through the internet or books. Assessing the quality of your information is an important skill to have in order to move onto undergraduate or graduate degrees. Specific data which sometimes can only be found in print, is too often ignored for the more general or limited works retrieved from Google searches or scholarly websites like JSTOR and EBSCOhost.

Unfortunately, librarians are the target of budget cuts on a yearly basis, because it is easy to dismiss members of the staff whose jobs are considered obsolete with the use of self-checkout and theft scanners. Also, a sad fact is that schools are not by law required to have their own library (although it is ironically legally required for a jail). This legal loophole makes it all too easy to cut library funding.

As children, we all remember going to the library as a sort of adventure, or a sanctuary from math class. We could find the next book in the series we love and either sit there and read, or bring it home with us to read in our beanbag chairs. This has not changed for children. Next time you are in a public library look around, you will see the majority of people there are parents and their children. The argument that computers have taken over the role of a physical space to share a love of reading is simply not true. Neither is the idea that a librarian no longer can help us achieve a better education.

Need help finding a source (fiction or non-fiction)? Ask the librarian at your school library for a book recommendation. You can guarantee they will provide you a cornucopia of books fitting your criteria.

Source: The Guardian