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Guide Released to Help Low-Income Students Get into Medical Schools

13 NOV 2014
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Medical school is often thought of as education for the elite—those who not only excelled in school, but whose parents can afford to pay insane tuition fees for 8+ years of schooling. The U.K. has released a new guide called “A Journey to Medical Outreach Guidance”, which is designed to help medical schools widen the prospects for students who wish to attend these institutions. The guide is a set of resources to help medical schools reach out to underprivileged children with an interest in medicine, and help guide their way to medical school.

Medical school can end up costing a student $20,000 a year in some parts of Canada, and this is on top of the 4-year undergraduate degree which is required before entry into medical school. As a result, medical students can end up with debt in the range of $300,000. On the other hand, Canada has seen a rise in graduated doctors, however they are regularly located in larger cities, whereas rural areas are still lacking medical staff for their facilities.

Source: Times Higher Education