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Google Winning the Education Battle Against Microsoft and Apple?

9 OCT 2014
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The iPad has seen tremendous application in the classroom, specifically involving educational games for primary-age children. Meanwhile, PCs continue to be used in school computer labs for their easy access and cost efficiency. One, newer competitor however is taking the stage these days: Google.

Google has an entire portion of their website dedicated to education, including devices such as the Chromebook, apps such as Google Docs, and data and search engine apps.

Google also hosts an array of education-promoting programs such as the Google Science Fair, the Rise Awards (grants which promote achievement in computer sciences) and Doodle for Google which encourages children to design creative logos for Google’s front page.

Google offers (for free) training to use their tools, gain certification as a Google educator, and the opportunity to join one of Google’s education communities to share tips from other educators.

Google’s Chomebook is still behind iPad and PC sales, but the company is growing steady at 19% of the market share.