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“Google Classroom” App Means More Classrooms Are Going Paperless

17 SEP 2014
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google classroom means more schools going paperless (2)

Google has invented an education app, appropriately named Google Classroom, which keeps teachers and students connected online both in school and at home. This content management system integrates Google Docs, Sheets, Drive and Gmail onto one simple, clean and easy to navigate user application. So far 100,000 educators in 45 countries have begun using Google Classroom as a means to post homework assignments, give feedback, receive homework assignments and share videos, PowerPoints, articles and more.

The app may be a key component of the “paperless classroom” movement which many schools have begun adapting in recent years. Not only does paperless mean helping the environment, but educators are noting that students tend to engage more with technology than pencil and paper. The idea to make learning an interactive and digital experience benefits many students of today, who have grown up accustomed to the internet and are comfortable with typing.

An increase of typing and online activities may worry some, parents especially, who believe this type of focus on social media and internet communication will wear down a student’s literacy. This has proven to be wrong. In fact, the internet has improved the amount children write every day. Now, 40% of a student’s writing is personal “life writing”, whether in the form of social media, blogging or writing emails. Their quick speed of typing also allows students to think faster. Writing words by hand slows down the thought process. For reference, average handwriting produces 31 words per minute (WPM) while typing averages 80WPM, meaning typing can get ideas out faster. Studies have also found that students who have an audience for their work (such as a classroom blog, or an online classroom submission forum) are more likely to put increased effort into their work than if they were just writing it to be seen by a teacher.

How has the internet changed education for you, and what programs or apps do you use for your studies?

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