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Globally There are 63 Million Children Out of School

20 JAN 2015
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Despite UNESCO’s goal to have every child in school by 2015, a new study has shown that there are still 63 million children not receiving an education.  When the goal was outlined at the World Conference on Education for All in 1990, the focus was to improve literacy, provide education for girls and include more programs for life-skills development.

As of today, 121 million potential students have either never started school or dropped out – and the trend is only going to continue. Some of the most affected countries include Pakistan, Niger, Eritrea and Mali. In these countries, enrollment is sometimes not even 50%. In Niger, 78.2% of teenagers are out of school.

Gender imbalance is also a factor – in Pakistan there are 58% of girls out of school, compared to 49% of boys.

UNICEF has stated that further research will be conducted to locate precise locations where education is most at risk, and provide governments with action plans to help youth get back in school.

Source: The Telegraph