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A Glimpse at the 2015 National Survey of Student Engagement

20 APR 2015
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College students preparing for examination.

With hundreds of different college and university options to choose from in North America alone, it’s no surprise that students, their parents, and educators are turning towards national surveys to determine where they should earn their degree. While many of these surveys focus on the academic aspects of a university, the National Survey of Student Engagement determines how schools compare in terms of student engagement with on-campus facilities. The survey not only ranks the top scoring schools, but also compares the results of students in their first year of study, and their last year of study. Overall, the survey was designed to help educators determine the best education practices for their students.

Schools were given six areas of assessment, including: higher-order learning, quantitative reasoning, collaborative learning, student-faculty interaction, effective teaching practices and supportive environment.

Consistently ranking high on these lists was Quest University, located in Squamish, B.C. As a liberal-arts college, Quest has small class sizes and a collaborative curriculum which consistently challenges students.

Quest University has been added to a long list of other liberal arts universities which have been commended for their focus on individual education.

Source: Macleans