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Glamour Magazine and “Girl Project” Raises Money for Education

20 NOV 2014
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Fashion and beauty magazines have become somewhat notorious for perpetuating unfair female beauty standards and some may even call them vain. Truth is that magazines like Glamour, Cosmopolitan and People are constantly at the top of U.S. magazine sales–women love their magazines, and magazines have a lot of power. At this years Annual Women of the Year dinner hosted by Glamour, the magazine announced that they would be kick-starting “Girl Project”—a collaboration with four other non-profits to raise money to send girls to school.

Starting in December, the magazine will ask readers to donate any amount of money to a fund to send girls around the world to school. Malala Yousafzai attended the dinner, along with 9 other girls who have in some way been endangered by trying to attend school, including Fargana Abden, an 8th grader who was abused by classmates for wearing a hijab to school.

Glamour accesses 20 million women with each issue, giving this project the potential to be very successful.

Source: NY Times