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“Future Library” Project’s First Contributor: Margaret Atwood

9 OCT 2014
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Margaret Atwood – the first writer for Future Library from Katie Paterson on Vimeo.

In a neat anthropological and artistic project, 1000 trees have been planted in Oslo, Norway so that in 100 years, they may be used to print an anthology.

The idea came from Scottish artist Katie Paterson, whose idea is to get an author to donate a manuscript every year until 2114, which will be held in trust until then. At this time, the trees will be grown, the manuscripts released and an anthology made in order to show a future generation a collection of ideas and stories from a generation a century ago.

Margaret Atwood was offered to be the first author to donate a manuscript, which she excitedly agreed to. The manuscripts will be sealed away in the Deichmanske public library along with a printing press so that future generations can print the anthology, if printed works happen to be phased out.

Katie Paterson believes Margaret Atwood is the perfect author for this anthropological project:

“Margaret Atwood’s writing is a bit like a telescope into our world. It helps us look forward in time, also backwards in time, and also deeply into the present.”

Margaret Atwood is author to books such as Oryx and Crake and The Year of The Flood, texts with themes of dystopia, utopia, science fiction and speculation. She is the recipient of the Man Booker Prize and been shortlisted several time since.

Source: The Guardian