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What is the Future of Education in Prison?

17 JUL 2015
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Former British Secretary of State for Education Michael Gove, has recently made headlines by suggesting that prison inmates who work hard at their education while detained should have a chance at early release.

As of today, only half the prison inmate population have any sort of education qualifications. Meanwhile, 9 out of 10 prisoners have stated that they would be willing to learn and get an education, if the opportunity were provided to them. It is widely believed that more prison education would stop the commonality of re-offenders.

Most prisoners in Britain re-offend within one year of release, and the chance of a re-offense doubles if the sentence was under one year.

Distance Learning in Prison

While there are stories of some prison inmates earning online degrees while in prison, they are rare. Most prisons have a strict no-internet policy, and others lack the resources and regulations to allow inmates to participate in distance courses. Prisons that do allow inmates to access the internet, actually help keep them up to date with current technology which will allow them to secure a job after release.

It seems now that the biggest barrier to prison education is the funding allocated by the government, and the type of attitude the prison has towards securing a better and more productive life for inmates after release.

Source: The Guardian