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The Future of Education: An Interview with Two of the Biggest Online Learning Developers

27 NOV 2014
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You may remember a few months ago when we introduced you to Khan Academy and its creator, Salman Khan. With Khan Academy now offering over 5,000 academic videos to help tutor children (all for free), Salman Khan has become a leader in new education forays. The other top player right now is Sebastian Thrun, who not only helped develop Google’s driverless car—he decided after this endeavour that he would teach a computer science class at Stanford and also online via Udacity. recently had the opportunity to interview both these education head honchos and discuss the future of education technology. For Sebastian, his efforts lie in making more affordable online courses, so that students can get a university degree in trending subjects like computer science, and not suffer for it with years of debt afterwards.

Both agree that the future of education cannot be fully online—children need social interaction and the hardships of life to be fully educated. Online learning does have a future in universities and colleges however, when people are trying to get a good education from a distance, or save money by working.

Both acknowledge that in the start-up world of Silicon Valley, online degrees are seen as more and more accepted. Business and computer science degrees are currently the hottest online courses.