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New Funding for Cybersecurity Education

20 JAN 2015
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Given the recent breaches on US internet security, it makes sense that state and federal governments are putting new efforts into improving cybersecurity.

Now, VP Joe Biden and the Department of Energy have set up a new grant providing $25 million over 5 years to cybersecurity education. This funding was announced by Biden at Norfolk University, where much of the advancement of cybersecurity will be undertaken.

The aim of this grant is to introduce university students to the career options within cybersecurity, and promote these jobs – as they will be increasingly necessary for the future. Careers in cybersecurity can range from retail, healthcare, finance, and many more business sectors. Currently the demand for cybersecurity workers is growing 12 times faster than the US job market.

The Department of Energy has also set up the Stop.Think.Connect Academic Alliance which promotes safer internet use by college and university students.

Source: Education News