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Famous Musicians Lead the Way for Arts Education

4 JUN 2015
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Musicians like Jack Johnson and Elton John are aligning themselves with Turnaround Arts to help make music a reality in schools across North America. The program, which began four years ago, brings music resources, teachers and supplies to lower-income schools to establish arts programs.

For many famous artists, such as Josh Groban, their dreams and pursuits of a music career began in middle and high school. “Having the ability to act and sing within a school environment changed the way I learned and made friends,” said Josh Groban.

In the past, President Obama has called arts “central to the success of our kids”, in a promise to support the growth and development of arts programs in schools through the Turnaround Arts Program.

Turnaround Arts also has the support of celebs like Cameron Diaz, Rashida Jones, Jason Mraz and Kerry Washington.

Source: Rolling Stone