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ESL Classes in B.C. are Being Closed

12 DEC 2014
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Funding cuts to ESL programs in B.C. is harming new Canadians.

Metropolitan Vancouver is home to a population which is comprised of 51% immigrants. What then, could be the reason for cutting funding to such crucial programs which aid over half the capital city’s population? Vancouver’s largest provider of ESL classes, Vancouver Community College, has been forced to cancel an assortment of courses which serve over 9,000 ESL students. Most students are mature and have immigrated from well-established jobs in their home country, and hope to settle into similar jobs in Canada after improving their English.

Skilled new Canadians are essential to the well-being of the country, and many staff, especially those at VCC are concerned about not only their jobs, but how the lack of support from the government will effect newcomer’s integration into society. For now, the fate of ESL schools in B.C. is uncertain.

Source: The Tyee