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Encouraging More Female Computer Science Majors

29 OCT 2014
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These days you’ll find more and more articles about the under representation of females in engineering and science courses. In recent years, female enrollment in computer science has actually decreased—and as this documentary reveals, it is because the image of computer sciences isn’t exactly ideal. As the women in this video state, the picture most people get when we picture coding and computer science is introverted, sedentary and unwelcoming to females.

In 2010-2011, a Computer Research Association survey revealed that only 12% of computer science students were female. With the computer science industry expected to triple in in the next few years, schools are beginning to encourage women to join computer science degrees to fill these needy future positions. As Michelle Obama stated in 2011, we can never progress and innovate if we are only using half our potential workforce.

There are several groups already advocating and actively getting girls interested in coding at a young age, such as the organization Girls Who Code. There are also online resources for anyone to get a start on learning how to code, such as Code Academy.

Source: Huffington Post