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The Effect of Terror Acts on Pakistan’s Schools

22 DEC 2014
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Flag of Pakistan on brick wall

Last week’s attacks in Peshawar, Pakistan claimed 141 lives, however these are not the first unprecedented attacks on schoolchildren in Pakistan.  The Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack released a report earlier this year which revealed that from 2009-2012, 838 people were attacked in the name of education. Along with this, Pakistan reported over 500 schools being damaged in some way – often by planted bombs.

Taliban militants have attacked school buses carrying children, using rockets, rifles and machine guns. The report states that 138 – possible more – teachers and children have been kidnapped, and 15 teachers total have been killed in the time frame.

As for girls’ education, the Taliban originally outright banned girls from going to school. This ban was reduced to allowing girls in school only up until age 10. As can be seen, terror acts have had an especially great toll on girls’ education. The fear haunting students and their parents for simply attending school has left many too afraid to leave their homes – a costly tax on the younger generation of students.

But education isn’t the only cost Pakistan’s youth have been paying. After the Taliban banned health workers from giving vaccines, Polio has now returned in certain parts of the country.

Source: The Guardian