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Education in Ukraine’s “New Russia”

3 NOV 2014
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Ukraine conflict

Since April 2014, the Ukrainian territory of Donetsk has been occupied by pro-Russian separatists. Since this time, two thirds of children stopped attending school, and Ukrainian-speakers have moved away in exodus. The area has long been a hub for Russians and Russian speakers in Ukraine, and by the 2000s, more than 80% of the population was Russian. With the 2014 occupation of Ukraine, the city has been taken over by Russian forces, leading to changes in everyday life and education.

Recently, school has started back up in Donetsk, with the delivery of five tons of textbooks sent from the Russian Federation. With the exodus of Ukrainian speakers however, class sizes have shrunk to half of what they were before the occupation.  The new curriculum sparsely mentions Ukraine, and instead focuses on the history of Russia and the separatist regions of Ukraine. Teachers and headmasters have proclaimed that they are not adapting a Russian education system, although the old Ukrainian curriculum is certainly out of the picture. What schools have stated is that they will adapt the Russian standards of education. It is expected that schools will continue to teach both Russian and Ukrainian languages, although many fear that Ukrainian schools will face threats by pro-Russian rebels.

Source: Reuters