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What Education is Like for Students in Indonesia

11 DEC 2014
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In the past, we’ve looked at education in places like India, and eastern Ukraine, which is currently undergoing a civil war. Today, we’d like to look into what education is like in Indonesia.

In Indonesia, a Southeastern Asian country with a population of 250 million, there are 55 million students and only 3 million teachers.

Another surprising statistic: For every 100 students in the school system, only 25 will graduates with the required literacy and numeracy to meet international standards. However, Indonesia has come a long way since the 1970s, when only 20% of the country was illiterate. Today, that number is 93%.

The rise in literacy was largely due to the work of then-President Suharto, who established a plan to reserve oil revenues to build primary schools.

In 2005, a law was passed requiring teachers to have certification, which has been proven in reports to have made a large impact on the quality of education students are receiving.

Today, Indonesia is more concerned with the quality of their country’s population than ever before. The President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, just this year launched the “Indonesia Smart Card”. This program will provide school fees to 24 million poor students in the country, guaranteeing 12 years of free education.

Source: The Economist