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EBSCOhost Teams with Forbes to Digitize all Archived Data

12 SEP 2014
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EBSCOhost Teams with Forbes to Digitize all Archived Data

We all know EBSCOhost, the go-to resource in high school and university for scholarly articles and primary sources. As of late, the website has been lacking in comparison to more comprehensive and easier to navigate e-resources like JSTOR and Questia. Recently EBSCOhost decided to step up its game, and teamed up with Forbes to digitize all their content from 1917-2000.

Having accessibility to these archives of information could be hugely helpful for MBA students and other degree specializations alike. All EBSCOhost users will now have access to all of the content from the world’s top business news magazine. We think it would be interesting to read articles published in the earlier decades, to see how business practices and attitudes have changed over time.

Forbes is an umbrella company with many factions around the worlds, such as Forbes Asia, Forbes Europe and Forbes Life. Each month, Forbes reaches more than 75 million people worldwide with topics like news, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership and of course business.

Source: Forbes