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Dutch King and Queen Introduce a New Scholarship for Canadian Students

29 MAY 2015
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Canada has a special relationship with the Netherlands which dates back to WWII, when Canadian forces liberated the Netherlands and provided protection for the exiled Dutch royal family in Canada.

In appreciation for Canada’s actions in WWII, the Dutch government sent Canada tens of thousands of their national flower: the tulip. Every year since then, the Dutch government sends Canada 10,000 tulips, resulting in the annual tulip festival.

The Dutch royalty make regular visits to Canada, continuing this prosperous international relationship. The latest of these visits was on May 27, when King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima traveled to the University of Waterloo to present six students with awards from the all-new Liberation Scholarship Program—a celebration of the 70th anniversary of Canada’s liberation of the Netherlands.

The King and Queen travelled with 30 Dutch university leaders, who attended conferences with Canadian university leaders to discuss how to create more research and study opportunities between the two countries.

Source: University Affairs