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Duolingo Plans to Expand and Dominate Education Apps

16 OCT 2014
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Duolingo plans to dominate education apps

Duolingo is both the company name and the name of the free language app which now has over 25 million users. Invented in 2012, Duolingo is a computer website and mobile app which helps users learn a new language through gamifying the learning process. Currently, users can choose to learn French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Danish and Irish, and English language lessons are available to non-English speakers from a variety of language backgrounds.

Part of what has made Duolingo so successful is its gamified skill tree feature, which allows users to progress while also winning prizes called Lingots. Lingots can be used to buy special enhancing features like idiom courses, or advancing through to certain lessons. Like in a video game, users are given three hearts or “lives” which are lost every time an error is made in a question. Once the hearts run out, you must start the lesson over again. One you complete the skill tree, you are considered fluent by Duolingo, and they give you the option of translating news article to put your skills to use.

Recently Duolingo has raised another $20 million in funding, which will be used to include more analytics and language options. With the success of their first language app, Duolingo hopes to expand into other types of education, like math and programming.

Source: Mashable