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Drexel University’s Center for Hospitality Provides Creative Food for the Homeless

4 MAR 2015
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“My Brother’s House” in Philadelphia has come up with some creative solutions to provide good food with a monthly budget of only $600. Drexel University’s Drexel Food Lab has already made headlines for its creative solutions to the problem of wasted food and a tight budget to feed the homeless.

This past year, the program partnered up with Philadelphia grocery stores to allow students of Drexel University to collect products which the grocery store is discarding, but are still usable and edible.

According to Reuters, one third of all food produced in the world ends up in landfills. The average North American household ends up throwing out 215 kilograms of food a year—which is approximately $600 worth. Many people also forget that the energy and money used to transport their wasted food to the landfill is all a part of this equation as well.

Thus, instead of using a set meal plan for the homeless shelter, the food prepared in the Drexel Food Lab is made using whatever is “foraged” that day, which not only promotes less food waste, but also promote creative cooking.

For more information about global and North American food waste, and tips to prevent this waste, see:

Source: Huffington Post