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Digital Marketing Reaches More Students Than Ever Before

26 JAN 2015
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For 2015, it seems that the trend for education marketing is digital. Students should expect to see their choice of university or college putting more effort than ever before into their digital campaigns – which has become a main source of prospective student attention.

With the digital age comes the ability to track leads, and see exactly which campaigns are garnering attention and which efforts would best be put elsewhere. This has huge benefits over traditional pamphlets and brochures, which cannot be tracked or measured for effectiveness.

For example, Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC, began a digital marketing strategy which involved students using Google Glass to virtually sit in on a lecture, or tour the campus.

The University of British Columbia, along with McGill University, Queens and the University of Alberta have all utilized live web chats as a way to introduce prospective students to the school. This is an excellent opportunity for international students to get an interactive experience with the university before deciding to attend.

The greatest issue facing schools and their digital ventures seems to be budget. Many digital campaigns are costly, and require schools to outsource the technical tasks to other companies.

How do you see digital education marketing evolving in 2015?  

Source: University Affairs