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18 SEP 2014
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mygradskills helps graduate students develop professional skillsPresident and CEO of the Council of Ontario Universities, Bonnie Paterson has noted, “Graduates have a very different experience at university than undergraduates”.

Being a graduate student comes with new responsibilities than your undergraduate degree. Research and academic integrity have a lot of emphasis in the graduate years and sometimes students are not yet prepared for this level of dedicated professionalism. The website has been developed in a collaboration with Ontario universities and the Ontario Consortium for Graduate Professional Skills Training Development, to offer free modules on skills development for graduate students.

Modules or courses are divided into topics of Career Development, Teaching and Learning, Communication, Entrepreneurship and Research. Courses include how to write a CV, lesson planning, mentoring undergraduate students, understanding and avoiding plagiarism and much more. The site already has 18 modules available, with more to come in the near future. The modules do not have to be completed in any certain order, and so information is available whenever required.

In the first week of its launch, the website garnered 750 registered users and 26,000 page views. The site plans to expand as it coordinates affiliations with specific graduate schools and programs.

Source: University Affairs
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