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Debunking the Myth of Liberal Arts

14 OCT 2014
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Debunking the myth of liberal arts

In an article titled “The Liberal Arts are Not a Luxury” by online publisher The Billfold, author Leah Falk takes on the stigma of “rich kids” who get a liberal arts degree, while simultaneously defending the academic merit of such an education.

Many educators and students long for a less competitive educational environment, where one can read deeply instead of rushing to finish a 75 page scholarly article the night before, and develop their minds instead of trying to pump out essay after essay. We must face the fact that although we may be present for an entire four year degree, we will really only absorb half or less of what we learn. Universities have become ultra-competitive, and competition brings on extra stress to get assignments completed. While trying to satisfy the needs of professors, we often forget that we are there to satisfy our own academic needs, and work on ourselves.

Reading broadly in several subjects and being able to analyze arguments, puts someone in a good position to make informed decision such as voting. However, how do those fare who do not have the affluence to attend expensive liberal arts schools? Of course a country cannot be built on Classics majors, but by making liberal arts available to poorer students, we are ensuring that leaders are being built in communities country-wide. We need people with broad opinions and ideas, people who have perspective from various walks of life–and liberal arts colleges build these types of students. The liberal arts are definitely valuable, for those who seek the type of education it offers.

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