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Debating Remembrance Day as a School Holiday

6 NOV 2014
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1Shouldremembrance day be a holiday

A Canadian MP has recently put forth a bill which would make Remembrance Day a national holiday, many hoping to see this bill become law by November 11 2014. While November 11 is already a national holiday, the bill would make it so employees have the day off with pay, and children do not go to school. But what impact could this have on children’s history education?

One Sun reporter states: “If we give everyone a day off on Nov. 11, it will become just another day off. Families will turn it into a long weekend and head south. Kids will head to the mall instead of the war memorial”.

Remembrance Day is usually held as a ceremony at school, where students witness re-enactments of war, learn about war times and hear The Last Post followed by a moment of silence. War is an unfortunate part of life, and students who understand war at a young age may have a more rational perspective when it comes to them beginning to read the news.

On the other side of the argument, many provinces already have Remembrance Day off as an unpaid holiday. Remembrance Day ceremonies in these provinces are held the day before at school, then children have the 11th off. What many say is that the day off actually benefits the act of tribute, because it allows parents and children to together attend a city-wide ceremony at a cenotaph.

Should Remembrance Day be a holiday, or is it better if students pay tribute in school?

Source: Toronto Sun