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De-stress with These Childhood Art Activities

20 OCT 2014
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De-stress with These Childhood Art Activities

To go along with our earlier exam time nutrition article, the Huffington Post has recently published an excellent article: “These 12 Childhood Art Techniques Can Help Adults Relieve Stress”. For many of us, art class was the best time of the week in primary and middle school. While not everyone is creative, making art—no matter how simple—can be a great way to take out some anger onto a piece of paper or just have fun. Doing simple things like finger painting when we are stressed can bring us back to childhood days, when things were easier and our lives were carefree. Art therapy is a well-known practice used in mental health treatment, marriage therapy and for prison inmates. Colouring “inside the lines” has been known to tap into our vision and precise motor skills which captivate the brain and push other stressors out of the picture.

Here are some childhood activities which may help you relieve stress:

  • Finger painting
  • Colouring books
  • Origami
  • Chalk Drawing
  • Clay modelling