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New Danish App Proven to Help Improve Children’s Literacy

6 MAR 2015
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In younger grades, teachers often encourage students to write their own stories with pencil and paper, which not only promotes creativity, but helps children develop their spelling and hand writing skills.

Storybook creation programs are not new—some may remember computer software like Storybook Weaver, which encouraged children to write stories and included pre-made illustrations. But Storybook Weaver died back in the 90s. The new Danish app WriteReader is here to take its place, and can be accessed on mobile phone, tablet or laptop computer.

But this app is not just fun and games, it was founded on data and research, putting to use a method which is proven to help accelerate literacy. The app claims that after using the app throughout grade one, children move onto grade 2 with the reading skills of a third grader.

The keyboard for the app is phonetic, meaning that students can experiment with different words and their meanings. Students can also say words out loud, and the app with translate these words into text on the device. The app also helps students learn how to develop narrative and story-telling skills.

Do you know any other apps which are helping to develop children’s creativity and writing skills?

Source: Education News