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Daily Inspiration: Kenyan Students Study 12 Hours a Day

30 SEP 2014
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In Canada, a primary and secondary education is mandatory. When we actually think about this, it is incredible. There are countries in the world which are still struggling to provide education at all, and in many places this right is only reserved for boys. Many will remember mornings of our youth, struggling to wake up for school at 9—so here’s a bit of motivation, whether for yourself or your children. The 166 girls at Kenya’s Kisaruni All-Girls Secondary School have maintained their own education schedule. While regular class time is from 8:30am-4:30pm, these students pushed their personal studying time from 4:45am-10pm.

Their work ethic includes impromptu study groups outside of class time, and families are supportive of their efforts by pooling resources to pay their fees and doing chores while they are away. This is possible because the girls’ entire village supports their education efforts, in hopes that these scholars will return one day to provide the village with doctors, teachers and community leaders. The girls themselves are all working together with the group goal of becoming neurosurgeons and doctors in order to help their community grow.

In this video, Free the Children co-founder Mark Kielbuger shows us around the Kisaruni Secondary School classroom and shows us which programs are featured at the school. This includes English and history classes, and activities like leadership clubs and environmental clubs to help supplement the learning curriculum.

Source: Huffington Post