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Credit for “Wasting Time on the Internet”?

30 OCT 2014
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One University of Pennsylvania professor is trying to change the way we think about distraction. In an age where so many professors are trying to keep their students off their MacBook Pros and focused on the lecture, Kenneth Goldsmith is establishing a permanent distraction in his Creative Writing students by forcing them to use the internet during his seminars. He hopes that this permanent state of distraction will create a form of “digital electronic twilight” which will actually create good, unique writing. This digital electronic twilight, he reckons, will work similar to the state of consciousness in dreams that the Surrealists sought out.

The course will be called “Wasting Time on the Internet” and will challenge conventions which blame the internet for dumbing down the current freshman generation. Goldsmith doesn’t buy this theory for a second:

“I believe the internet is actually making us smarter”.

You can view the course outline here.

Source: The Washington Post