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Consider These Costs When You Create Your University Budget

7 JAN 2016
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Like any well-prepared student knows to study before an exam, it’s wise to lay out your costs and financial budget when you prepare for college or university. Stay in the black from orientation week to graduation with change to spare by considering these commonly neglected costs when creating your university budget:

Printing Fees

University students know: paper might technically grow on trees, but it’s not always free or easily accessible. And the days when printed readings were handed out for free are a thing of the past – modern students are often expected to print out pages upon pages of online readings, along with each and every assignment they submit. At .05 to .25 cents per sheet at most campus print shops and libraries, printing costs can add up!

Emergency Expenses

At the very minimum, students need reliable technology and their health in order to thrive in today’s colleges and universities. And while you’re in school, anything can happen! Technology problems (broken screens, glitch laptops, etc.) create some of the most common emergency expenses students need to pay. Medical emergencies that necessitate prescription fees, and costs that extend beyond a student’s health or dental coverage can also unbalance their books – unless they consider the possibility for these emergencies when they lay out their university budgets.

Graduation Ceremony Costs

From gown and cap rental to tickets for their parents, students can expect to hand over more than $100 in graduation ceremony costs alone (excluding the cost of any official graduation photos they’d like to have taken). Because graduation often comes at a time when students are most strapped for cash, many choose to forgo the ceremony altogether! You deserve to be celebrated at the end of your university journey – so be sure to set aside money in your school budget for graduation costs beforehand!

Source: The Guardian