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Colorado Coffee Shop Gives Homeless Youth a Chance

26 MAR 2015
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coffee maker and coffee cup

Coffee shops offer one of the most accessible jobs out there for young people who are new to the work world or who are still in school trying to make ends meet. Working at a café teaches an employee how to count and handle money, good customer service skills and of course how to make excellent coffee (and sometimes cook food as well).

For these reasons, a Denver, Colorado-based coffee shop has decided to exclusively hire homeless youth (three at a time for a year) to give them the opportunity to earn money and learn life skills which will help them get job offers after their time there. The café, Purple Door Coffee, provides youth with a 52-week curriculum, where students learn practical work skills, and skills to help improve their mental and emotional health.

The Purple Door is also symbolic as a representation of royalty–and how every employee and customer at Purple Door Coffee should feel like royalty when they enter the building.

Source: Huffington Post