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A Closer Look at Canada’s “Bush University”

17 JUN 2015
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Following up with our earlier post this week about the possibility of a university being built in Iqaluit, we’ll look at another existing, unofficial university located in the Northwest Territories.

For nearly six years now, Dechinta—an indigenous-run learning centre—has been educating students with a mix of academic instruction and land-based instruction. Students are able to learn traditional indigenous practices like fish drying, moosehide tanning, and cooking. Students who complete the program will receive five Native Studies credits from the University of Alberta.

The program is currently run by both university professors and indigenous elders. The program continues to grow every year, with indigenous arts classes just added this year.

Prince William and Duchess Kate, some would be surprised to hear, actually visited Dechinta in 2011. There, they learned some basic phrases in the local language, experienced moosehide tanning and engaged in a local customary fireside chat. A video of the two royals on their visit can be seen here:

Do you think these types of mixed-delivery style courses are beneficial?

Source: CBC News