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ClassDojo—An App to Regulate Student Behaviour

18 NOV 2014
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ClassDojo is a behaviour-tracking app designed for K12-high school student, which allows teachers to reward or subtract points from a student’s profile based on a number of circumstances. How the app works is that each student has a profile on ClassDojo, and there are a list of negative behaviours such as “late to class” or “missing homework” and positive behaviours which can cause either the reward or loss of points. The app is designed to encourage students to have good behaviour in class, and thousands of teachers are already using ClassDojo in their classroom.

There is heavy criticism about the use of ClassDojo, and some parents have requested that their child’s information be taken off the app. Some are worried about this data being used against their child later in life. Others worry that ClassDojo will put the unfair label of “problem child” onto a student. Some criticize the app as a way to bribe children. Teachers have retaliated against this criticism, noting that students are judged all the time at school, but this app allows them to be judged on a broader spectrum.

What do you think about new and old ways of rewarding or punishing students? Could ClassDojo be harmful?