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Chrysler Dealerships Offering Employees a Free College Education

5 MAY 2015
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An amazing PR move by Chrysler means a new shot at a college education for thousands of the manufacturer’s employees in the US. Chrysler US recently announced that employees at its Dodge, Jeep, RAM, Chrysler and Fiat dealerships can now earn a completely free education through online classes offered by Strayer University, or through the dealership with a program called Degrees@Work. It is estimated that this program will reach out to 118,000 total employees working for the corporation, who will have an option of enrolling in a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree program in 40 different categories.

When and if this offer will be extended to Canadian Chrysler dealerships is uncertain at this time. Currently the offer is only available for the company’s Southeast region, including Georgia, Florida and North Carolina.

But what would encourage Chrysler to make this offer for their employees? CEO of Chrysler Al Gardner has said that:

“[Chrysler dealership’s] largest issue is how to attract the right talent to take customer service to the next level”.

It seems like more higher education training is a part of Chrysler’s plan to take their company’s employee skill level and customer service recognition to the highest possible caliber.

How do you think a free college education will benefit Chrysler and its employees?