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First Chinese Immersion School in North America

31 OCT 2014
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Canadian students will be familiar with the French immersion school system, aimed to created bilingual students who will be more likely to get better job opportunities in the future. One school in Minnesota , Yinghua Academy has introduced the first U.S. Chinese immersion charter school that teaches kindergarten to eighth grade.

The school incorporates both East and West traditions, and lessons like science, history and math are taught in Mandarin until the 4th grade, when the lessons switch to half English. The teaching staff has three PhD graduates on board and a mix of teachers from the U.S. and Chinese school system. It is said that students who attend the Minnesota school perform well, largely due to having well-educated parents at home, who are highly involved in the education process.

Given that China is such a large country, fueling so many industries around the world, it only makes sense that Western countries begin learning Mandarin as a way to fuel this business world. French language, while still used widely around the world, cannot compare to the amount of Mandarin speakers today.

Source: New York Times