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Chinese Artists Sent to Rural Areas to Re-learn Their Craft

3 DEC 2014
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Chinese Communist leader Mao was known for cracking down on artists who strayed too far away from socialist ideals and who took too much inspiration from Western artists. In 1970s China, Mao introduced a “cultural revolution”, which would remove bourgeois (Western) elements which had been introduced to China. City writers, actors etc. were persecuted and essentially only those who came from farming backgrounds were allowed to continue their art.

Now, China appears to be going through some sort of similar cultural reform on a much smaller scale. In an attempt to create more “masterpieces” for the country, President Xi has ordered many film crews, directors, writers and more artists from the media to go live in the country and learn rural art, in a crackdown of what he calls “undesirable art” being made in the cities. This comes at a time when the Chinese media is making more money than ever, which is considered against communist values.

From President XI:

“Fine art works should be like sunshine from blue sky and breeze in spring that will inspire minds, warm hearts, cultivate taste and clean up undesirable work styles”.

This is not the first time the president has tried to censor art in China. Famous artist Ai Weiwei was placed under arrested under the president’s rule, and many others have been persecuted over the years.

Source: BBC News