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China to Ban University Textbooks with Western Influences

3 MAR 2015
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China and the West have rarely seen eye to eye when it comes to issues about politics and the role of government. Despite this, the two countries have major trade agreements which foster both economies, making them first and second (respectively) largest economies in the world. Despite this strong relationship with the West, the recent trend in China has been to push their communist ideals stronger than ever before.

This has been seen in China’s latest push to pull all Western ideals out of Chinese textbooks. China’s Education Minister Yuan Guiren has himself said that remarks which go against communism, or which “smear socialism” must be removed from textbooks. These remarks are somewhat surprising, considering that the minister himself said only four years ago that banning Western ideology from the classroom was wrong, and that China was in no harm from Western influences. This new move by China is likely influenced by new President Xi Jinping, who has thrown many people who are advocating Western education in jail.

Does it seem like China is slowly cutting off its connection with the West? What could this mean for the many Chinese students in North America?

Source: Education News