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Chilean Students Protest for Education Reform

9 JUN 2015
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One thing that is sure in today’s educational landscape is this: students want change. We reported not long ago that Myanmar was in the midst of its own education revolution, and now we can see that Chile is following along the same ideology.

This week, one of the largest student unions in Chile announced that they will march to advocate and support much-needed education reform in their country. Lead by Ricardo Peredes, the student union has been fighting for education reform since their original proposal in 2011.

Chile’s government already approved several of the group demands, including banning profits and tuition fees for private primary and secondary schools. The government also plans to honour the group’s desire to provide universal education by 2016. This also goes along with the government’s plan to bridge the income inequality gap in Chile.

What other educational reforms do you think would benefit Chile?

Source: Reuters